How We Do It

We impact organizational performance in three areas:
engagement, innovation and leadership

Decorative Number 1

To do this, first we shift mindsets about personality, productivity, and performance by exposing leaders, teams, and individuals to groundbreaking research in social psychology. This research is rooted in the work Susan Cain compiled for her book Quiet and is kept fresh and current through collaboration with our board of academic and professional advisors.

Decorative Number 2

Next, we build quiet behaviors aligned to new mindsets. We bridge the gap between mindsets and skillsets through interactive exercises and reflective activities so participants are equipped with tangible plans for “what to do differently” when they get back on the job.

  • Managing Energy

  • Innovating

  • Influencing Others

  • Collaborating

  • Designing & Managing Meetings

  • Managing Performance

Decorative Number 3

Finally, we know that sustainable performance improvement does not occur after a single event. It requires an ongoing practice and feedback loop. We are committed to lasting results. Therefore, we stay with you after all our learning experiences to support pull through and on-the-job application.


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