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The Power of Quiet Leadership

We empower leaders to be exceptional by helping them own their personal leadership style and teaching them how to identify and unlock the inherent strengths of the people they lead.

In our Power of Quiet Leadership seminar, leaders are immersed in the foundational research of introversion and extroversion. They are challenged to think differently about their role as performance enablers and develop practical techniques for harnessing the power of their teams. Over the course of one and a half days, leaders engage in robust dialogue, practical activities, self-reflection, and tactical action planning. By the time they leave the classroom, leaders have experienced a profound paradigm shift that immediately results in visible, sustainable behavioral changes.

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The Power of Mixed Teams

We help teams accelerate the innovation process and improve the quality of their creative endeavors by teaching them how to work together in ways that fully leverage the unique strengths introverts and extroverts bring to the team.

Team dynamics are deeply influenced by the personality style of each team member. Introversion and extroversion form one of the most fundamental elements of who we are as human beings. If team members are not finely attuned to their colleague’s personality style, they are working at a significant disadvantage. QLI’s Power of Mixed Teams seminar is designed to illuminate the peak performance conditions for introverts and extroverts and help teams construct ways of working together that maximize those conditions. During this one-day experience, team members apply their newfound awareness of and appreciation for the symbiosis of personality and performance to practice techniques that have the potential to transform how they innovate together.

To learn more, download the program PDF.

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