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The Quiet Ambassador Program

QLI has created a first-of-its-kind, organically peer-led, research-based Ambassador Program that unlocks the power of both introverts and extroverts to achieve their goals.

We believe that when introverts and extroverts are empowered to be honest and educated about their authentic selves, they are better equipped to achieve ten important goals:

  • Achieve Self-Awareness. Develop self-awareness based on an understanding of neurobiology and how it shapes temperament – e.g., how we communicate, process information, manage energy, make decisions and form an authentic, effective social style.
  • Develop Compassion and Understanding. Develop an understanding of others based on this same understanding of neurobiology.
  • Know Your Strengths. Draw on your natural strengths to lead, share ideas, and negotiate in a style that feels right for you.
  • Define Your Purpose. Define your own personal purpose based on your authentic strengths and goals.
  • Step Outside Your Comfort Zone. Learn to step outside your comfort zone from a place of purpose and authenticity, to take on tasks you never thought possible (e.g., leadership, management, sales, pitching, presenting.)
  • Manage Your Energy. Manage your energy in a 24/7 world that’s too much for even the most extroverted among us.
  • Communicate Better. Communicate with presence regardless of personality style.
  • Lead Better Meetings/Brainstorming. Structure and oversee meetings to get the most from every person resulting in better idea-generation and decision-making.
  • Make Good Decisions. Make decisions in a way that brings people together.
  • Emerge as Your Best Self. Emerge as authentic, self-confident leaders and contributors.

Better Yourself, Give to Others:  LinkedIn’s employees share their excitement about becoming Quiet Ambassadors.

To learn more, download the program PDF.


Our online learning solution immerses participants in the foundational research on introversion and extroversion and introduces them to practical techniques they can apply to improve their personal performance and how they work with others.

Participants have the freedom to move through the content at their own pace and can come and go as they please. Their progress is always bookmarked so they can easily see which modules they’ve completed. The course includes the video testimonials from Susan Cain and other industry experts, interactive animations, application exercises, and knowledge checks and reflection activities.

The online experience is often coupled with downloaded performance support tools, a blog series, and a virtual seminar series. View this brief video to get a flavor of QLI’s online experience:



In our keynote addresses, we distill Susan Cain’s original research on introversion and extroversion and the latest in neuroscience and psychology into an exceptionally powerful one-hour presentation.

Looking for an engaging speaker on a provocative topic for your next organizational event? QLI might be a great fit. In our keynote addresses, we distill Susan Cain’s original research on introversion and extroversion and the latest in neuroscience and psychology into an exceptionally powerful one-hour presentation. We aim to radically change people’s view of the best way to develop leaders, manage teams, make smart hires, and stimulate innovation.

Contact QLI today to book one of our certified speakers for your next keynote address.

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Custom Programs

Custom Programs

At the QLI we think carefully and creatively about how our clients can achieve extraordinary results by leveraging our expertise in personality and performance. This thinking informs the design and delivery of all our solutions.

However, we also recognize that clients often have unique needs and requirements we did not anticipate. In those situations, we love to partner with our clients to design experiences that are customized to the specific needs of their business. This process begins with a rigorous analysis and diagnosis of strategic business issues, which leads to a customized design document and delivery plan—tailored just for you and your employees.

If you have a unique scenario you would like to discuss please contact QLI to explore the possibilities.

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